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The Witching Hour


Those banished to the desert of earth after the first crusade in Heaven have been biding their time to rekindle the flames of war. Hiding amongst the ranks of humans for centuries, the exiled have been building their army…The angels want Heaven back.


The Arterian Redemption


The Wizard of Death has been assassinated, and the fragile balance between the just and the iniquitous has fallen to pieces. The heir apparent to the Death Throne is no match for his enemies, and it will take more than the living to prepare him for the coming war.




A Phantom Rain


A young girl finds herself in the land of the dead after falling to the axe. After weeks of solitude in an isolated wilderness, she is found by an unlikely warrior who enlists her in a rescue mission in the underworld.


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    David Berner


    Hi. I’m Dave. I’m a writer, have been for years.

    My company is Rogue Moon, an independent publishing company, and this is its library. Here you’ll find adventure and fantasy. You provide the campfire, we’ll provide the rest.