David Berner has been writing since his freshman year in college at the University of Washington. While getting his degree in English, he completed his first novel The Mercury Universe. Since then, he has gone on to publish several other works, ranging from Epic poetry, to fantasy / mythology, and is now working on historical fantasy.


His media not only includes novels and short-stories, but he also authors graphic novels currently in review for publication, and has recently had his first interactive text-based game released called The Iron Destinies.


Currently living in Washington with his wife and two children, David continues to write and is working on his current series The Witching Hour and The Broken Judgment.




David Berner



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    David Berner


    Hi. I’m Dave. I’m a writer, have been for years.

    My company is Rogue Moon, an independent publishing company, and this is its library. Here you’ll find adventure and fantasy. You provide the campfire, we’ll provide the rest.